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Web Product: Discussion Forum

State of the Art Discussion Forum - Adaptable to Any Website

  • Approval process for the moderator before the message is made viewable
  • Preview/moderate the messages before the message is posted on the forum
  • Moderation, so you can delegate the content moderation to a specific user.
  • Search site or specific forums
  • Users can watch a forum and be notified as soon as there is a new message posted.
  • Users can be notified as soon as there is a reply to their post.
  • The forum can be configured to block users from posting messages rapidly (spamming the forum).
  • The user who originally created the thread of messages, can rank responses to other messages.
  • The new users would get an e-mail notificiation with a verification code and need to verify it in order to post a message in the forum.
  • There is a verification image code for creating a message. This will ensure that the forum can't be spammed with new accounts.
  • New users can automatically become members of groups. This makes the administration of the forum easier.
  • Content filters for:
    • html code (convert the html code into displayable text)
    • profanity (filter a customizable list of profanities to filter them out)
    • url coverter (convert the urls to actual links) and more
  • Search facilities to search for keywords in the forums
  • Auto Login for easy login of members
  • Log-off users
  • Group setup and management ensures easier maintenance for users and permission setup for the administrator.
  • Password protected Administration and Configuration Area
  • Complete web based administration
  • Personal profile and profile editing for users.
  • New posts flag to identify new messages
  • Caching for faster performance.
  • 100% customizable
  • E-Mail notification back to the user
  • Sorting
  • Header and footer field so that comments or ad tags can be added for each forum.
  • Number of different user properties are captured and displayed in the vodka skin (IP, city, country, gender, last login etc.)
  • A count of how many times the thread has been read is added.
  • IP/proxy tracking
  • Foreign languages (Spanish)
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