Data Moving Forward
Dan Allen of Houston Websites .ORG whipping up some data.


Do you need some data work done quickly? Just give me a call. If I cannot help you, I will help you find someone who can. Whatever your data requirement might be, I look forward to to resolving it quickly and cost effectively.

  • One-Time Data Transfers

    If you could use help getting your data from one system to another, there is a good chance I can get it there more quickly and accurately than you would expect. Expect it fast? Try me! I live neck deep in data all the time, constantly working with the best data manipulation technology available anywhere. Nothing makes my day better than mountains of data to handle!

  • Continuous Data Streams

    Unload recurring tasks. Boost efficiency with automatic data feeds, set to run on systems reliable enough for life support. Most of my clients recognize where their operations would benefit most, but lack the tools and background necessary for setting up the feeds in an amount of time they can afford. Since I operate continuous feeds all the time, I can set you up efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Industry-Specific Data Templates

    To accelerate projects, we use industry specific data templates.

    • Oil & Gas
    • Market Demographics
    • Grocery Distribution
    • Commodities
    • Real Estate
    • Media Markets

    Database Projects

    If the work is data-related, you can rely on me take hold of the situation and push it through to completion rapidly.

Dan does a great job keeping us informed of his progress and challenges, so we always know what to expect.

—typical client response

Data Experience

Organizations where I have worked on data

Drupal Content Management
CodeIgniter, by EllisLab
Ruby on Rails
Apple Computers
Zend Frameword
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